Upanishad Sara – Part 3

23 Dec


          Mortal things are ephemeral and so are not worth pursuing. Even a whole life of many years is only very slight. It is nothing. Enjoying objects is of no use .Man is never satisfied with wealth. He craves to become immortal even against his own conscience. Unfortunately he pursues the pleasant as against the really good. The good is one thing and the pleasant is another, one liberates and the other binds. One should not go after the pleasant even if it is very tempting.

         The Atman is not born, nor does It die. It has not come from anywhere and It has not become anything. Unborn, constant, eternal, primeval, this one is not slain when body is slain. This Atman is hidden in the deep core of the heart of beings .It cannot be attained by any amount of reasoning, study or instruction. It comes only through the Supreme Grace. A man of bad conduct, who has not ceased from crookedness, cannot hope to attain Atman.

(Source : A book called Upanishad Sara published in 1947.The contents are completely from that book  )


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