Upanishad Sara – Part 4

24 Dec

Road to Supreme:

          The road to Supreme is clothed with pricking thorns. It is sharp like the edge of a razor,hard to tread, a very difficult path. It can be trodden only with the help of Knowledge obtained from men of wisdom .Knowing That, one is liberated from the terrible mouth of Death.

          The mind and the senses always run outwards. Only the man of self-discipline  and perseverance can gaze inward and experience the state of Atman as it really is .The children who have no knowledge of the Truth, run after external pleasures  and fall into the net of wide –spread death .Only the wise ,knowing the state of immortality seek the Stable Brahman among things which are impermanent here.  

          One need not be anxious to possess things of the world. Whatever is here that is there, whatever is there that is here .He obtains death after death who perceives diversity in the world. There are not many things here actually. The one Supreme Substance appears as many things, clothed in different names, forms and actions.

          The Atma or the Brahman has no connection with the world of change. As the sun is not sullied by the faults of the eye, the Antaratman  is not sullied by the defects of the world. As one fire has entered the world and becomes corresponding in form to every form, so the One Antaratman of all things is corresponding in form to every form and yet is outside all these.

          The goodness , the light ,the pleasure and the beauty of the world is not to be found there even in name . Even the splendour of the Sun and grandeur of the creator is superseded by the absolute. That state is experienced when the senses cease to work together with the mind and when intellect does not move and when there is mere consciousness .When all desires that are lodged in the heart are liberated, then the mortal becomes Immortal. Herein, he attains Brahman.

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