Upanishad Sara – Part 5

4 Jan


Brahman: The Absolute

          The state of becoming Absolute is not a loss of all that we love, but is the perfect fulfilment of all our aspirations. Our finitude is broken, imperfections destroyed and we are installed in the blessed State of Eternal Satisfaction. All our desires are fulfilled at one and the same time. We experience birthlessness and deathlessness. None is superior to us.

          What is that by knowing which everything else becomes known? That is Brahman. That is to be known. Brahman is Truth, Knowledge, Infinity, Bliss.Brahman is Bhuma where one sees nothing else, hears nothing else and understands nothing else. It rests on nothing else. On it everything else rests. One who knows this rejoices in his own Self and rests contented in his own Self.

         Sacrifices cannot bring salvation. They are mere temptations which bind one to birth and death. The deluded people think mere sacrifice and charity constitute eternal blissedness. They are mistaken .What is not the effect of action is not attained by any amount of action. Brahman which is not done cannot be attained by what is done. Having scrutinized the nature of the world ,a wise man should arrive at indifference and dispassion. He must approach a preceptor and learn Brahma-Vidya  from him. Such a fortunate soul rends asunder the knot of ignorance.

         There is no other duty for man except meditation on the Self. Dismissing all else, one should establish himself in the Self. There remains nothing  to be done or attained, when the Self is experienced. For that Brahman, the immortal is before,behind,to right and to left ,stretched forth below and above ,Brahman is all this, the great the widest extent. There is nothing but Brahman. All this is Brahman.


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