Upanishad Sara – Part 6

12 Jan

 Moksha : the Final Liberation.

          Truth alone Triumphs, never untruth ,Falsehood and lie, phantom or unreality cannot succeed in its efforts . The real alone is an enduring being .The Real is experienced through Meditation coupled with Knowledge.

          Whatever a man of purified nature makes clear in his mind, and whatever desires he desires, that he gets and that he fulfils. Therefore one should have pure and perfect resolves. He that desires for objects is born again and again for fulfilling those desires. He whose desire is satisfied, who is perfected, his desires vanish away themselves.

          The state of Moksha or Final Liberation is a very glorious one. Those blessed souls who attain this state enter into everything. They become the All. They are free from passion, tranquil and perfect in the highest sense. They are liberated beyond death. They become unified with the Supreme Imperishable .As flowing rivers in the ocean disappear, leaving name and form ,so the wise man being liberated from name and form, reaches the Supreme which is the Absolute. One who knows Brahman becomes Brahman. He crosses over sorrow and death. He becomes Immortal.

          The Supreme Self is experienced in the fourth state of consciousness. There it is neither this nor that; it has no quality in particular. It is everything. It is peaceful, blessed and nondual.It is the cessation of all phenomena .That is the Atman; that should be known and realised. That is the purpose of life.

Jivan Mukta : The liberated Sage.

          The Jivan mukta or the liberated Sage experiences that he is everything. He is the tree and the Mountain .He is Excellent like the Sun. He is a shining treasure ,wise immortal and indestructible. He is the food and th eater of the food. He is the knower, knowledge and the known in one. He is the whole universe himself.


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