Upanishad Sara – Part 7

29 Jan

 Bliss, Consciousness and Brahman:

          Bliss is the ultimate Nature of Reality. From Bliss all this comes forth. By Bliss all this lives .Into bliss all this enters in the end. This bliss of all the fourteen worlds is nothing when compared to the Bliss of Brahman. All bliss of world is only a shadow of Self-Bliss. Self-Bliss is the most Supreme. It is the Only Real Bliss. Other sources of bliss are more fleeting phantoms. Other bliss is only a feeble apology for the Supreme Self-Bliss. The greatest bliss which one can conceive of either on earth or in heaven is a mere naught in the presence of the Pure Brahman Bliss or Self-Bliss. One has not got to run to external objects for obtaining Bliss. The self is the source of all Bliss. The self is everything, all knowledge and all Bliss.

          All this is guided by Consciousness, and is based on Consciousness. The world has Consciousness for its guidance. Consciousness is the Basis. Consciousness is Brahman. I am Brahman .That thou art. This Self is Brahman. These are the metaphysical explanations of Brahman. “All this is Brahman” is the ultimate realisation. One who knows this is not reborn on earth. He becomes immortal.

          Just as by one piece of clay, everything made of clay is known, just as by one nugget of gold, everything made of gold is known, just as by a single pair of nail-scissors every-thing made of iron is known, all modification is merely a distinction of words, a mere name, the reality is just only clay, gold or iron, so is this Supreme Teaching; the world is only Brahman. By knowing Brahman everything else is known.

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