Upanishad Sara – Part 8

30 Jan

 Existence and Truth:

          Existence alone was in the beginning .this was one alone without a second. From that everything else was produced. The modifications of it are only apparent. There is no world except mere names and forms, mysteriously connected with one another .There is no sun or moon except mere colours or fictitious forms. When colours are distinguished, the sun loses his sun-hood, the moon loses its moon hood, and things lose their thingness. Brahman alone exists.

          One who is guided by a preceptor knows the Truth easily .Otherwise he may miss the path in spiritual blindness. The preceptor teaches:  “That which is the finest Essence, this whole world has that as its soul. That is the Reality. That is the Atman. “That thou art”.

          The Infinite Fullness (Plenum) alone is Bliss. There is no Bliss. There is no Bliss in the small finite things. Only the Infinite is Bliss. Where one sees nothing else, hears nothing else, understands nothing else , that is the Infinite Fullness. Where one sees something else, hears something else, understands something else— that is the small finite. The Infinite Fullness is the Immortal, and the small finite is mortal .That Infinite Fullness alone is everywhere. It is all this.


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