Upanishad Sara – Part 9

2 Feb

 Self –Supreme Bliss:

          In purity of food, there is purity of nature. In purity of Nature, there is established memory. In established memory, there results the release from all knots of the heart. One becomes immortal.

          The self alone is dear .One who loves something other than Self loses what he loves. The Self is the Absolute. One who knows this becomes indestructible. He is only a beast who considers he and his God are different. Not for the sake of this all, this all is dear, but for the sake of Self this all is dear. By knowing that Self, everything else becomes automatically known, for the Self indeed is this All.

          The self is an Ocean without a shore and a surface .It is mere Existence-Consciousness and Bliss. Where there is duality as it were, one can speak to the other, see the other and understand the other, but where everything is just one’s own Self, then who can speak to whom? Who can see whom? Who can understand whom? That is the supreme end. That is the supreme blessing. That is the Supreme Bliss. On a part of this Bliss other creatures are living.


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