Upanishad Sara – Part 10

5 Feb


          He who is without desire, who is freed from desire, whose desire is satisfied, whose desire is in the Self — his pranas do not depart. He being Brahman himself becomes Brahman immediately.

          The JivanMukta is like a child .He is the source of all knowledge,but he behaves like an idiot.He is a true Brahmana who has known Brahman.

          He who dwells in all things, and yet is other than all things, whom all things know not, whose body are all things ,who controls all things from within—- He is the Soul, the Inner Controller, the Immortal. He is the unseen Seer, the unheard hearer, the unthought Thinker, the understood Understander .Other than He there is nothing whatsoever at any time. One who dies without knowing his this Supreme has died in vain,he is a wretched man. He is a great man who dies knowing the Supreme,he is a true Brahmana.

          Verily, that great, unborn, Soul; undecaying, undying, Immortal, fearless, is Brahman. Brahman is fearless. One who attains this becomes the fearless Brahman. That is Full. This is Full. From the Full,the full does not proceed. Withdrawing the full from the full ,the FULL alone still remains. This is the gist of Upanishads as a whole..

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