Upanishad Sara – Part 11

6 Feb

 Sadhana :

          The Sadhana of the Upanishads is mainly of the type of the analogy of Bhramara-Kita Nyaya. Meditation on the Truths declared in the Upanishads is Sadhana.They are of a very highly advanced nature, and only advanced students can take up this method of Sadhana.The name of this method of Sadhana is Jnana-yoga.It is an intellectual analysis for the sake of perfection in Intuition. The Jnana Yogi starts his Sadhana directly from Vijnana or the intellect. He is not guided by emotions, nor by the regulations of Prana and the like. He stills all emotions and centres his mind in the Supreme Self. He attains Sadyo-Mukti or immediate Salvation. He enters into everything and becomes the Self of everything. This is the end and Ideal of Human life.


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