What to do on a Birthday ?

2 May

Here is a video from Shri Chaganti garu that speaks about what a person ought to do on his/her birthday . It is in Telugu. I have added a brief of the points in English.

It seems that one must celebrate one’s birthday.  One should never say that one will not celebrate one’s birthday.

1.   One has to wake up early that day, one has to apply oil on his head and have a head bath.

2.   Seek blessings from his parents, teachers and elders.

3.  Mix “til,jaggery and cow milk” and take the mixture thrice.

4.  Remember 7 chiranjeevis Aswathma, Bali ,Vysa, vibhishana, Hanuma, Krupacharya,Parashurama.

5.  Observe Brahmacharya on that day.

6.  Do Dana- Dharma or give money to the needy on that day.

7.  Do Deepa–Araadhana and seek the blessings of ishta daivam and kula daivam.

8.  Visit a temple that’s nearby and perform archana to the Lord.

9.  Have good food or mrushtanna bhojana.

10.  Stay away from cutting cakes and blowing candles type of celebrations.

One Response to “What to do on a Birthday ?”

  1. Shiv Keskar May 4, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

    Thanks for posting this. God bless Chaganti garu for bringing these basics to people’s attention and God Bless you for posting this here. I do really hope the “educated” wake up to these fundamentals of Sanathana Dharma.

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