SriKrishna’s Views on Kauravas and Pandavas.

14 Mar

Many people unfortunately say that SrimadBhagavadGita actually fosters war. They with their hidden agenda say that Lord Shri Krishna wanted the war to happen and made Arjuna fight it.   This is not correct, he wanted both Pandavas and Kauravas to be together.   Here is a padyam from the Virata Parvam of the MahaBharatha where SriKrishna speaks to the ambassadors of peace. <It is in Telugu. The English Translation is given below. >

Lord Krishna Says that the Kauravas are like a forest and Pandavas are like the Lions that reside in the forest.  A forest protects the lions and the Lions protect the forest so if Kauravas and Pandavas are together they would be protecting each other.   If there is a forest that does not have any lions people will come and do what ever they want, they might smuggle wood, kill the animals and destroy the forest. (Self professed rationalist would say that all this is happening now, However I would remove gun and gun powder and look at the statement.  Then you would realize what the Lord is saying is correct.)  Then if a lion loses it way and and comes out of a forest it is bound do harm itself.  Imagine that Majestic Lion,  the king of the beasts happens to come into a residential area, it can kill person or two but it either killed or captured very soon.  Hence Lord SriKrishna wanted Pandavas and Kauravas to be together, protect each other and be happy.  It is a different thing that Kauravas did not want truce with Pandavas and they ended up creating more destruction for themselves.  Saying that Lord Sri Krishna wanted the war to happen would be a wrong thing.  As any person who read Bhagavadgita would accept, SrimadBhagavadGita is a call for action an it is not a war cry.

Jai SriKrishna


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