Take a bow ladies.

30 Mar

I really donot know how Hinduism is portrayed in the Text books in the United States of America.  In India, in the text books I read, Hinduism was vilified.  While the good things about Hinduism did not get a mention, the bad practices in the religion were blown out of proportion.  I some how felt that Buddhism and Jainism were placed  on a higher pedestal than Hinduism when I completed reading The History of Ancient India in my school.   As I had spiritual training at home I was able to overcome that surge in those days.

Recently, I saw these videos where these young women are speaking about the inaccuracies in their text books. I loved the speech of each of these girls. Do listen to them.  They made their points and tried to set the record straight.

Here is a another student who is speaking about Bindi .

Here is a young lady who tries to set the record straight about Brahminism

Here is a girl who speaks about divine feminine.

Well it was not women alone .  There were men too who spoke about the importance of Hinduism and positive portrayal of the same.  Thank you for doing a great job young man.

There are many videos on this subject .   I picked a few that I really liked.  Thanking all the young women and men who are standing up for a positive portrayal of Hinduism.

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